You Go To My Head

Toronto, Fall 2009


In this work, a woman attempts to sing a song with her husband’s breath. In the following scene, he sings with her breath. Each singer draws air from the other’s lungs (as in mouth-to-mouth resuscitation) in order to perform the 1938 song “You Go To My Head” by J.Fred Coots and Haven Gillespie. While the song describes the experience of love to be like drunkenness, they increasingly struggle to remember the words, the camera, or produce a musical sound at all. Her partner’s breath simultaneously supports her, and depletes her as the piece evolves, and vice versa. She looks exhausted and upset, he looks drunk and in moments, at the brink of a blackout. The tension builds in each scene as the challenges of the feat affect both of the performers’ bodies, and amplifies the gestures of attentiveness, trust, and dependence.

Performers: Eric and Loretta
Technical Production: Nathan Salowonchyk

The work was created in Burlington, Ontario at the home of the performers, and edited in Toronto in 2009.

Exhibition History
  • AXENEO7, Amour Anarchie, group exhibition curated by Jennifer Lefort, Fall 2012, Gatineau, Canada
  • University of Cincinnati DAAP Galleries, Intimacy Issues, Curated by Ryan Mulligan, Fall 2010, Cincinnati, USA
  • National Museum of Fine Arts of Quebec and Museum of Contemporary Art of the Val-de-Marne, Emporte Moi, Curated by Nathalie de Blois and Frank Lamy, Fall 2009 - Spring 2010, Quebec City, and Paris (Val-de-Marne)
  • Deep Leap Microcinema, Sign Languages, curated by Jesse Malmed, 2009, Portland, Oregon
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