Walking Studio

Mobile Studio/Field Lab
Location variable, 2012 - ongoing


Walking Studio is an 11’x18’ building that functions as a mobile field-study space that can be installed in urban or wilderness sites. Assembled or dismantled in a few days, one part of the structure consists of a screened-in study room with shelves and worktable, and the other part is a cylindrical space that functions as both a small sauna and a secure sleeping area.

The artist-in-residence can gather local materials and work on site-responsive research in the study room. The worktable allows for examining objects and natural specimens, reading, drawing, and hosting guests for tea and discussion.

The sauna can be fired by wood from the surrounding site, and can use local stones for radiating heat. The private space allows for recovering from fieldwork, and for further reflection.

The studio is a place for research, teaching, and learning. It serves and gives material form to artistic practices that are site-responsive, peripatetic, and relational. The building allows for a processing of local materials, ideas, and relationships and, like an industrial machine, it releases the by-products of this work as steam and smoke back into the surrounding environment.

The first residents in the studio were artists Janis Demkiw, Emily Hogg, and Olia Mishchenko of Tererrea while the studio was installed in Reddickville, Ontario, on the rural property of Don Miller.

The structure was designed in consultation with Adrian Blackwell and Jane Hutton for the Art Gallery of York University in Toronto, 2011.

Exhibition History
  • AGYU, Terrestrial / Celestial and Walking Studio, curated by Emelie Chhangur , Spring 2012, Toronto