The World’s Longest Paper Clip Chain

Relational performance and sculpture installation
Montreal, 2001


The World’s Longest Paper Clip Chain was the product of a massive effort- open to the public as a performance. 60 people linked more than a tonne and a half of paper clips for 24 continuous hours. After the public performance of constructing the chain, the massive glittering field of paper clips was on display for the duration of the exhibition as a sculpture.

This attempt to enter the Guinness Book of Records in the gallery setting was an effort to invoke the history of performance art involving rigorous, repeated actions, and a test of personal limitations. The large modernist style sculpture addressed the subject of greatness – how it is described, attempted and achieved – in art, in popular culture, and in everyday life.

The work was enacted at Skol gallery in Montreal in 2001.

Exhibition History
  • SKOL - Centre des Arts Actuel, 2001, Montreal
The World’s Longest Paper Clip Chain_image

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A 5-minute video documenting the work THe World’s Longest Paper Clip Chain is available on DVD for $100. Contact the artist at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) for purchase inquiries.