Toronto, Ontario, 2016


spitpop was a 7-minute solo choreographed by Diane Borsato for dancer Valerie Calam. Starting with the dancer chewing a large wad of gum, the work consisted of a restrained set of gestures using the face, tongue, and body. The work was a literal exploration gum’s weird materiality, including its tension and stickiness. And as the dancer tasted, chewed and stretched the gum – it appeared to chew her – distorting her body in ways that were variously playful, humorous and rude.

For a video document of the performance click here

spitpop was produced and performed in Singular Bodies, a series of solos choreographed by contemporary visual artists for company dancers at the Toronto Dance Theatre. Artists included Stephen Andrews, Jon Sasaki, Bridget Moser, Johanna Householder, Chris Curreri, Jim Verberg, JP King and Walter Scott. The Artistic Director of TDT and curator of Singular Bodies is Christopher House.

Rehearsal direction: Rosemary James
Costumes and decor: Cheryl Lalonde
Stage Management: Kaitlin Cheel (Metcalf Foundation Intern)
Lighting: Simon Rossiter

Exhibition History
  • Winchester Street Theatre, Singular Bodies, Choreography/performance for Singular Bodies, Artistic Director: Christopher House, Toronto Dance Theatre, 2016, Toronto