Relational intervention/ photographs/ video
Toronto, 2007


I was asked to create a project in collaboration with performers from another discipline, so I decided to work with dancers. Working with my own conceptual art instructions, and the notion that non-virtuosic everyday movements can be dance, I led a large group of dancers to move a snowbank in white pails across the city – by foot, by subway and by bus – up to the Art Gallery of York University. The absurd and heroic feat was accompanied by periodic outbursts of experimental trumpet music, composed and performed by Emilie Le Bel.

Emilie Le Bel, Janina Piva, Ryan Gibson, Amber Landgeaff, Kristen Kellerm, Sarah Douglas, Alex Thompson, Alison Smith, Sky Fairchild-Waller, Danny Jordon, Allison Peacock, Julie Grant, Day Milman, Riaz Mehmood, Nadia Kurd, Liz Knox, Serena Lee, Alicia Grant, Cara Spooner, Nadia Halim, Andrea Roberts, Rhonda Corvese, Diane Borsato, Amish Morrell

The work was created in the winter of 2007 in Toronto.

Exhibition History
  • AGYU (Art Gallery of York University), curated by Rhonda Corvese for the exhibition 'In There', Spring 2007, Toronto

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