How a Dead Hare Explains Pictures

Relational performance and photographs
Toronto, 2004


In a critical reversal of Joseph Beuys’ How to Explain Pictures to a Dead Hare, I created How a Dead Hare Explains Pictures. During the Toronto International Art Fair, I made a dead hare available for volunteers to carry around among the art works, so that it might explain pictures to them.

I hoped to offer an opportunity to connect with a major work in the history of performance art. At the same time, to enable viewers to experience the surrounding “pictures” in a more deeply embodied state.

The piece was originally performed for the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art (MOCCA), Curated by David Liss, at the Toronto International Art Fair, in 2006 in Toronto.

Exhibition History
  • Vu, How To Draw Winter, Solo Exhibition, with catalogue essay by Amish Morrell, Winter 2006, Quebec City
  • Artcite, The Moon in my Mouth, Solo Exhibiton and Visiting Artist Talk at University of Windsor, Spring 2006, Windsor, Ontario
  • Truck Contemporary Art in Calgary, Sleeping with Cake, in ‘Mountain Standard Time: Festival of Performative Art’, Fall 2005, Calgary
  • Mois de la Photo, How to Eat light, Solo Exhibition curated by Martha Langford at ‘Occurrence’, Fall 2005, Montreal