Field Pack

Museum intervention/ Display case and personal objects
Toronto, 2013


On-site quote by Fredrick B. Houser at the Art Gallery of Ontario: `The new type of artist puts on the outfit of the bushwacker and prospector, closes with his environment, paddles, portages, and makes camp, sleeps in the out of doors, under the stars, climbs mountains with his sketch box on his back.”

As a contemporary artist who collaborates with naturalists and often works in the woods, I filled a museum display case in the Canadian Galleries with a selection of objects from my field pack, including my mushroom identification notebook, tea wares for eight people, and my toddler’s sun hat.

In contrast to Fredrick Houser’s defining of the Group of Seven, the alternative artist persona presented is not alone or a painter, or a master of an untouched landscape. She is an amateur taking notes, getting lost, applying salve, and eating chocolate. The objects in the case also point to contemporary artistic practices that are research-intensive, site-responsive and social.

Exhibition History
  • Art Gallery of Ontario, Artist in Residence, Artist residency and projects, Summer - Fall 2013, Toronto, Canada