Falling Piece

Toronto, Ontario, 2010


I worked with six contemporary dancers dressed as ordinary, elegant party guests, to infiltrate a benefit gala party at the Art Gallery of Ontario. The dancers each staged a range of “accidental” falls – some discreet and some theatrical. The performers were meant to look as if they lost their balance, and to give the general impression that the museum was somehow dangerously slippery, and unstable. More than 100 staged falls were witnessed by many of the approximately 2000 people that attended the event.

Cara Spooner
Michael Caldwell
Evan Webber
Alicia Grant
Keon Mohajeri
Matthew Romantini

Photographs taken by Diane Borsato, Swintak, Amish Morrell, and AGO staff photographers.

Exhibition History
  • National Arts Centre / AXENE07, Falling Piece, Part of Open Scene 2015. Presentation of the performance Falling Piece, curated by Stefan St. Laurent, 2015, Ottawa, Canada
  • Vancouver Art Gallery, Everything Everyday, Curated by Bruce Grenville and Vanessa Kwan, Fall 2010, Vancouver, Canada
  • Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO), Falling Piece, Massive Party Benefit event, Spring 2010, Toronto