Embroidery Bandit

Intervention and photographs
Montreal, various locations, 2001


I hid in dressing rooms and embroidered small flowers in the clothing I selected to try on. I stitched the flowers in very discreet places, such as inside pockets and linings, and returned them to the racks.

Clothing circulates broadly, so it is possible that in the life of these marked skirts, pants and shirts – someone may discover the embroidered flowers, and wonder about their origins. It may be disturbing, and feel like a violation, or it may be received as a gift, or a message. Or, the discreet intervention might never be noticed.

The intervention was enacted in various clothing shops across Montreal in 2001.

Exhibition History
  • Artcite, The Moon in my Mouth, Solo Exhibiton and Visiting Artist Talk at University of Windsor, Spring 2006, Windsor, Ontario
  • Truck Contemporary Art in Calgary, Sleeping with Cake, in ‘Mountain Standard Time: Festival of Performative Art’, Fall 2005, Calgary
  • Mois de la Photo, How to Eat light, Solo Exhibition curated by Martha Langford at ‘Occurrence’, Fall 2005, Montreal
  • CAFKA - Contemporary Art Forum Kitchener, Solo Exhibition as part of ‘Peace of Mind’, 2005, Kitchener, Ontario
  • Gallery TPW, Warm Things To Chew For The Dead, (Solo Exhibition), during Contact 2004: Toronto