Performance/ Sculpture
Toronto, Fall 2012


I invited 24 participants to wear a highly fragrant gardenia boutonniere to the opening reception of a new commercial gallery. The volunteers mingled throughout the party, and the extravagant scent quickly overwhelmed the space. The “cloud” of fragrance hung in the air for approximately one hour, after which time the performers and their flowers left the building.

1. Diane Borsato
2. Daniel Barrow
3. Annie MacDonell
4. Sarah Lazarovic
5. Ben Errett
6. Day Milman
7. Stephanie Springgay
8. Julia Kennedy
9. Jessica Bradley
10. Logan MacDonald
11. Nikki Rotas
12. Hazel Meyer
13. Jennifer Murphy
14. Jeff Borsato
15. Melissa Boffo
16. Lanie Chalmers
17. Helen Reed
18. Theresa Gastaldini
19. Neil Brochu
20. Derek Sullivan
21. Maurya Shah
22. Jim Verburg
23. Ryan Crouchman
24. Marla Hlady

Exhibition History
  • Jessica Bradley Annex, Cloud, Fall 2012, Toronto, Canada