Intervention, photographs and sculptures
Toronto, 2006-ongoing


In response to instructions by The Critical Art Ensemble to “commit a crime with a humanitarian outcome”, I decided to steal flowers from neighbours’ gardens and give the entirely stolen bouquet as a surprise gift to my mother. She was delighted.

SInce making the first version of this work, I have made 8 different vase arrangements for gallery exhibitions, and intend to continue repeating the intervention. The stolen bouquets are now part of an ongoing series of sculptures.

The project was initially curated for ‘Do Me’; bouquet versions #2, and #3 were exhibited in CAFKA in 2007; versions #4, #5, #6, #7, #8, and #9 were created for the Power Ball, 2008 (see exhibition history for details). The work has been ongoing in Toronto and the surrounding region since 2006.

Exhibition History
  • AGYU, Terrestrial / Celestial and Walking Studio, curated by Emelie Chhangur , Spring 2012, Toronto
  • Mercer Union, The Chinatown Foray, Solo exhibition, main space, Fall 2009, Toronto
  • The Power Plant, subversive party decorations created for the Power Ball fundraiser party, 2008, Toronto
  • Cambridge Galleries, University of Waterloo School of Architecture, Neighbourhood, exhibited as part of CAFKA, curated by Ivan Jurakic, 2007, Waterloo, Ontario
  • 7a11d festival of Performance Art, curated by Jim Drobnick, Jennifer Fisher, Dave Dyment and Roula Partheniou for the online exhibition 'Do Me', 2006, Toronto