Apiary Videos

Single-channel video
Toronto and surrounding region, Summer 2013


In an effort to create the appearance that beekeepers everywhere are simultaneously exercising their focus, their calm, and their consideration for bees – Apiary Videos cycles through images of beekeepers meditating in eight different regional apiaries.

On rooftops, in backyards, in public parks, botanical gardens and in industrial wastelands – the beekeepers are attempting to transform environmental conditions that affect the future of the bees, and of all of us.

Duration: 10 minutes (looped)

Grateful acknowledgements for the participation of many beekeepers and organizations, including Kuldip Jassal, Gurushabd Khalsa, Mario Borsato, the Toronto Botanical Gardens, the Toronto Beekeepers Co-op, the Toronto Urban Beekeepers, U of T BEES, and the Royal York Hotel.

Exhibition History
  • Eric Harvie Gallery, Banff Centre for the Arts, Improvise Everything, Curated by Jacqueline Bell and Justin Wadell, Fall 2016, Banff, Alberta
  • L'Oeil de Poisson, Diane Borsato, Joe Hambleton, Yam Lau, Installation of Apiary Videos, curated by Alexandre David, 2014, Quebec City, Canada
  • Clint Roenisch Gallery, Agency of Acquaintances, Apiary Videos in group show curated by Catherine Dean, 2015, Toronto, Canada
  • Art Gallery of Ontario, Artist in Residence, Artist residency and projects, Summer - Fall 2013, Toronto, Canada
  • Centre Clark, Apiary Videos, Solo exhibition, Spring 2014, Montreal, Quebec